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  • T.O.M, the Team, Offer, and Market rating method, serves as a valuable tool for commercial leaders and teams to comprehensively evaluate their business's strengths and pressure points. By conducting a thorough analysis, it enables the identification of opportunities and challenges, leading to focused and prioritized actions. This approach accelerates positive dynamics, facilitates anticipation and resolution of challenges, and helps establish clear roadmaps, structures, and processes.

  • The T.O.M Cumulative Rating (CR) combines three crucial elements: Team, Offer, and Market. It operates on the principle that asking the right questions is 90% of the solution, emphasizing the significance of effective inquiry.

  • By using T.O.M CR, leaders gain a deeper understanding of the critical drivers behind their sales and marketing operations. It allows for the identification of successful practices as well as areas that require improvement.

  • Regular assessments and adjustments are made to the three elements of T.O.M CR through annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and feedback loops. This ensures alignment with the organization's short and long-term business objectives and goals.

  • Considering the nature of the business, development phase, and characteristics of the offer or market, each element and sub-element of T.O.M is evaluated, rated, and weighted accordingly. This customized approach enables a tailored assessment based on specific business contexts.

  • T.O.M CR is an ongoing work in progress, constantly evolving and improving. It is a collaborative project built upon the collective wisdom and experiences of those involved, and you are warmly invited to contribute to its development.

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