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  • T.O.M is a rating method which allows commercial leaders and teams, through a thorough evaluation,  to analyze their business strengths and pressure points, identify opportunities and challenges, in order to focus and better  prioritize actions, accelerate positive dynamics, and anticipate and address challenges by helping to put a clear road map and the proper structure and processes in place.

  • T.O.M Cumulative Rating (CR) is a combination of three elements: Team, Offer, and Market and is based on the principle that asking the right questions is 90% of the solution.

  • T.O.M CR enables a better understanding of the critical business drivers of  sales and marketing operations by identifying what works well and what is missing.


  • Through annual KPIs and feedback loops, these three elements are regularly assessed and adjusted to align with the organization's short and long term business objectives and goals.


  • Depending on the type of business, the phase of development, the kind of offer or market, each T.O.M element and sub-element will be evaluated, rated, and weighted differently.

  • T.O.M CR is and will be a constant work in progress, a project built on the collective wisdom and experiences, which you are invited to contribute to.

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