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“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco

Each situation raised a different set of questions. 

These questions and sections are far from being exhaustive but provide a structure and a starting point. 

PLEASE email me with your suggestions and favorite questions at:

MICRO (Company)

  • Does the company culture support the sales culture?  (what is the key driver of the organization?)

  • Does the company set up impact the culture?   (Private, Public, Non Profit…?)

  • Could the company affiliation influence the strategy?  (business attached to an Educational Society, Academy, partnership, non-compete?)

  • Does the company have any specific restrictions (Philosophical, competitive, legal?)

  • Does company vision support the sales objectives? (Is the sales department a key player in the achievement of the vision?)

  • Does the company expertise lay in this field?  (Is the product/offer a core company expertise?)

  • Is the sales strategy a priority for the organization? (Is it part of the CEO priority and path to vision?)

  • Are other company divisions/departments supportive of the sales strategy and objectives? (Is the department supported or isolated?)

  • Does the company have the means to support the vision and goals?  (budget, resources, expertise, credibility?)

MESO (Industry)

  • Is our industry defined as well as the industries adjacent to it?  (to which industry(ies) does the company belong?)

  • Do we have a clear understanding of the industry life cycle?  (seasonality, rhythm?)

  • In which phase is our industry?  (growing, mature, decline? Re-invention?)

  • Is the industry going through a transformation phase?  (due to technology, legislation, market change?)

  • Who are the key players in the industry?  (Leaders, influencers, drivers, key players? Organization/association?)

  • What is the company’s position in the industry? (Leader, driver, follower…?)

  • Do you have a SWOT of the industry?  (what is the current state and what are the key drivers?)

MACRO (Territory)

  • What’s the economic situation of the territory (ies)? (are we in a booming economy?)

  • Any “environmental” issues ? (General Public mood or influence?)

  • Any legislation challenges?  (Impact of Sunshine act on Medical Publishing?)

  • Any trade regulations?  (geographical restrictions due to a political issue?)

  • What’s the political situation?  (Is it stable, does it create optimism?)

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