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Before placing T.O.M CR on the ladder scale, each of the three key elements, Team, Offer, and Market, undergoes an individual evaluation and rating process. The T.O.M CR is derived from the cumulative results of these evaluations. To assess each component, a set of specific questions should be established, and a rating scale of one to five can be used for each question. Once these questions are answered, the results are calculated, averaged, and used to determine the T.O.M CR rating on a scale of 1-15.

Upon obtaining the T.O.M CR rating, the team can identify the opportunities and challenges within each element. This evaluation allows leadership to prioritize and focus their attention on specific aspects of the team, structure, or processes that will contribute to outperforming the market.

By utilizing this approach, the team can gain insights into areas where improvement is needed and take strategic actions to enhance performance and achieve superior results.

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