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Are the questions the answer?


During the early stages of my sales and marketing career, I quickly advanced through various positions of increasing seniority within the same field. At that time, I held the belief that as a manager and leader, it was my responsibility to share my personal experience and instruct my team on what to do and how to do it. However, I soon recognized the flaws inherent in this approach.

As we progress in our careers, change industries, or relocate to different regions, we inevitably find ourselves managing individuals who possess greater knowledge about their products and markets than we do. These individuals are experts in their respective fields, and as leaders, our task becomes leveraging and channeling their expertise to achieve our organizational and business objectives.

The most exceptional leaders I have encountered are not the ones who simply dictate orders, but rather those who pose the right questions that inspire action in the right direction.

Inspired by these remarkable individuals, I developed a deep fascination for the art of questioning. I began collecting impactful questions, which ultimately formed the foundation of my business transformation framework, known as T.O.M.

"The right question is usually more important than the right answer." This quote by Plato encapsulates the essence of my approach.

T.O.M. stands for Team, Offer, and Market. It is a methodology that has empowered the teams I've had the privilege to lead. Through T.O.M., we evaluate the state of the business by raising and asking the right questions. We construct roadmaps to capitalize on untapped opportunities and address existing challenges or weaknesses.

In today's business environment, constantly disrupted by new technologies, emerging business models, economic factors, and global challenges, our ability to ask ourselves the right questions is critical for the continued prosperity of our businesses.

Now, I would like to share some of my discoveries and tools with you so that you can achieve the same level of success I have experienced in each of my commercial roles. Leadership is an ongoing journey, and I continuously draw upon the collective wisdom of my network and my own experiences to further develop it.

So feel free to reach out!

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