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Are the questions the answer?



Early in my sales and marketing career I rapidly progressed through a series of roles with increasing seniority but in the same field.  At that time, I believed that my responsibility as a manager and leader was to share my personal experience and ‘teach’ my team what to do and how to do it. I very rapidly realized the flaws in this approach.

As we climb career ladders, move industries or relocate to different regions of the world, we begin to manage people who know more about their products and markets than we do.  They are experts at what they do and as leaders, we must find ways to leverage and channel that expertise to achieve our organizational and business goals.

​The best leaders I know are not those who tell others what to do, but those who ask the right questions that moved others to action in the right direction.

Inspired by these exceptional people, I developed a fascination for the art of the question.  I began to collect them, and this was the basis for my business transformation framework, acronym T.O.M.   

 "The right question is usually more important than the right answer." Plato. 

T.O.M stands for Team, Offer, and Market. It is a method that has allowed the teams I have had the privilege to lead, to evaluate the state of the business by raising and asking the right questions, set up roadmaps to take advantage of uncovered opportunities and to address the challenges or weakness that exist.

In a business environment, consistently disrupted by new technology, new business models, economic factors, and today’s worldwide healthcare issues, our ability to ask ourselves the right questions is critical for our businesses to continue to thrive. 

Here I share some of my findings and tools with you so that you can realize the same success through this approach that I experience in each of my commercial roles.  Leadership is always a work in progress, I continue to call on collective wisdom of my network and my own experience to develop it.

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