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“I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.”― Richard Feynman

Each situation raised a different set of questions. 

These questions and sections are far from being exhaustive but provide a structure and a starting point. 

PLEASE email me with your suggestions and favorite questions at:


  • Could we clearly define our key and secondary customers? Size addressable market(s) core and adjacents (B2B, B2C, CMO, Third Party? Primary? Secondary?)

  • Do we know the different players involved in the decision process? (Specifier, Decision Maker, User, Payer)

  • Do we understand the buying process of our customers? (Customer journey from prospect to repeat customer)

  • Do we know the market trends that influence their needs and decisions? (Their competitors, new technologies, new markets)

  • Did we identify the different players involved in the decision process? (Specifier, Decision Maker, User, Payer)

  • Do we know what our customers think about our offer? (What do they like, don't like, would like)

  • Do we have our customer persona(s)? (Who are our different buyer profiles)


  • Do you have a clear definition of our product or service? (What is our product, do we sell pages or provide access to an audience)

  • Does our product satisfy a specific need or set of needs efficiently? (Does our product provide an excellent solution to our customers' needs or challenges?)

  • Does our product have particular features/benefits (Does it have a USP?)

  • Does it have clear brand recognition and credibility in its market? (Does it have brand power)

  • Could it be extended to serve other needs, markets, geographies? (Could the product be used differently or in another territory creating a new revenue stream?)

  • Is our product competitive/better/worse than competitors? (How does our offer rank in the market?)


  • Do our customers get easy access to our product?  (Do they know about our product and how to have access to it when they need it)

  • Are we visible to our customers? (Do we attend the right shows? Use the proper promotions for our market?)

  • Do we have the right sales channels? (Direct sales, third-party representatives, automatic through technology?)

  • Do we have the right territory coverage (Do we cover all the relevant territories?)

  • Are we where our competitors are? Where are they not? (do we compete in the right markets? Geographies? Segments?)


  • Do we have a clear understanding of the value of the product for our customers? (Not the cost or price tag but the value)

  • Does our current pricing reflect this value? (Did we price accordingly, align with value delivered? Are we expensive? Cheap?)

  • Is our price aligned logically with our market positioning? (If we are a premium brand, does our price reflect our position vs. competitors?)

  • Is our client base price sensitive? (Is the price a key decision element? Alternatively, quality is…)

  • Do we have a clear pricing structure and discount strategy? (If price-sensitive, how could we maximize client investment?)

  • What is the impact of currency exchange rate on the business results and margin? (Does currency fluctuation affect client buying or the service provided?)


  • Do we have a marketing plan to promote our services to our target customers? (Do we have a marketing team, program, access to marketing)

  • Do we use all necessary sales tools? (Sales materials from presentations to brochures?)

  • Do we have strong visibility in the market? (Beyond sales visits, does the customer have access to our sales team at conferences or meetings, for example)

  • Is our product/brand visible? (Is our brand or product visible to our potential buyers – i.e., online or at conferences)

  • Do we leverage all relevant marketing channels? (Do we advertise or communicate about our products/services?)

  • Do we have a clear understanding of the value of the product for our customers? (Not the


  • Do we have a "Why" beyond what? (Do we have a mission that also appeals to customers and adds to our product key elements)

  • Does the team have clear and compelling talking points? (Are there talking points aligned with our 4Ps)

  • Is the team regularly trained in delivering the sales story? (Ensuring that each team member delivers the identical/consistent message)

  • Does our sales team pitch pass the "So what" test? (If not convincing, we need to go back to the drawing board)

  • Is the team equipped with the right set of questions to engage with customers? (Do they ask the right questions to guide the client towards a purchase instead of just team selling?)

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