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Each situation raised a different set of questions. 

These questions and sections are far from being exhaustive but provide a structure and a starting point. 

PLEASE email me with your suggestions and favorite questions at:


  • Does the team understand and support the company's vision and mission?

  • How are the organization's goals incorporated into the team's objectives?

  • Are there strong lines of communication in both directions between leadership and team members?

  • How is leadership helping the team succeed?


  • Are the team member profiles similar or complementary?

  • Does each player bring added value to the group? (Perform well individually but also create synergy in the group?)

  • Do we have farmers, hunters, or a mix? (How aligned with the market are team members?)

  • Are they collaborative, competitive, or both? (Do they stimulate each other or neutralize each other?)

  • Do they have similar professional/personal backgrounds? (Does that create a positive dynamic?)

  • Is diversity encouraged and leveraged?


  • Who are the key partners for the success of the business – internally/externally?

  • How are those relationships maintained and by whom?


  • Does each team member have a personal career path? (Do people understand their next career step if they achieve identified milestones?)

  • Do all team members have an annual performance review? (Do managers engage with individuals about their performance, identify needs, and career goals?)

  • Are there training programs? (Internal and External?)

  • Are there coaching and mentorship programs? (Do people get individual advice and guidance?)

  • Staff turnover – retention ratio? (Turnover ratio and plans to improve or maintain?)

  • Is there a talent development and acquisition plan? (Is there proactive collaboration with HR about this?)

Structure & Processes (Commercial Focus)

  • Are there annual planning processes? (from territory design to compensation planning?)

  • Are sales processes regularly reviewed for efficiency? (from talent recruitment to the deal journey?)

  • Are there regular performance reviews? (from sales forecasting to performance reviews?)

  • Is there continuous communication (internally and externally?)


Are company values clearly defined and communicated?

Employee support and engagement by the company​

  • What makes you proud to work for this company?

  • How does the organization support your professional development and career growth?

  • Is risk-taking encouraged, and what happens when people fail?

  • What role do company values play in hiring and performance reviews?

  • What's one thing you would change about the company if you could?

Conflicts and Politics:

  • What causes conflict, and how is conflict resolved?

  • Are there organizational politics, and how do these affect the business?

  • How are decisions made when there's disagreement and stakes are high?

  • When and how do people give and receive feedback?

  • Titles aside, who in the organization has the power to get things done?

Day-to-day work environment:

  • What are some of the ways the company celebrates success?

  • How do you, as a manager—or, if more appropriate, how does your manager—support and motivate your team?

  • What kind of flexible work arrangements do people have?

  • Do you have matching gift programs or sponsor local volunteer events?

  • If you have a specific need, ask about it. For example, "I take my kids to school on Wednesdays, is it OK if I come in late once a week?"

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